Academic Dialogues-2022

The Academic Dialogues is an undergraduate student conference that takes place at our department on a yearly basis. Its participants are mostly students from RANEPA, however recently it has grown to attract students from other universities, such as Moscow Sate University and the Higher School of Economics. Working languages: Russian and English.


March 25th and 26th, 2022


RANEPA, Moscow OR online


English language sections:

  • Education and thinking
  • Film and visual arts in our everyday life
  • Law as a social science

Russian language sections:

  • Power, government and society in General History
  • Cultural studies: arts, media and pop culture
  • Rational and critical thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Classical philosophy
  • Modern philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology of poetry
  • Education and thinking

Students-led (Russian laguage) sections:

  • Feminism and gender studies
  • Ecology in social-scientific field
  • Psychology as a social science
  • Politics as a social science

Guidelines and Requirements for Submitting Your Proposal

Email your paper proposal of approximately 300-600 words by February 25th, 2022

E-mail your proposals to:

The program committee will reply by email shortly thereafter.

Paper proposal requirements

  • Describe the main thesis of your work in a free format.
    Theses are short core statements that translate the basic idea, goals, methods, argumentation and results/conclusions of your paper. The proposal should be around 300-600 words. If you want your paper to be followed by visual illustrations (such as a presentation), you should also shortly describe what the illustrations will contain or you may send us a link to a draft or something of the sort. All schemes, tables, photos and extra applications should also be attached to the email.

Application requirements

  • You must be an undergraduate student of a University. You must be able to prove it with a copy of your students card, a note from the dean’s office, a link to your student profile on the official university website, or any other way.
  • You must specify your name, age, year and program of study, phone number and email.
  • Please specify the session you would like to be part of.
  • You must specify in which format you will be able to participate (offline/online).

International applicants

International applicants may qualify for financial support for visa and travel purposes

Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings volume.

Conference proceedings volume

As a result of the conference, a volume containing three best papers from each sections will be published. For that, the participants will have to send us a final ready for publication version of their paper and their aggreement for its publication.

The text should be formatted according to the diploma work requirements (that are in place in your university). The size of the paper should not exceed 1/2 of the authors list, font size 12, single spacing excluding bibliography.

The authors of chosen papers will be able to mention it as their scientific publications as the volume will be assigned a relevant imprint.

The full list of participants and winners will be mentioned in the conference reports on the official websites of Instiute of Social Science and the Department of Humanities.

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